Interesting info

  1. Mulan Fa Chuan has no geographic headquarters. Headquarters are wherever the Grand master is standing.
  2. There are 138 teachers of MFC in the world(as of Jan. 2018) and the number is growing.
  3. Teachers(Sifu) are not allowed to use MFC as their primary income.
  4. All students must pay something. In poorer communities this might be vegetables, rice etc.
  5. Traditionally there are no belts. In the West belts and testing have been incorperated.
  6. Potential students must be tested before they are accepted as students.
  7. If Belts are used the colours are based on 5 element theory, white, dark purple, green, red, gold. 
  8. After gold belt the students returns to a white belt but with a gold fringe signifying she is studying to be come a Sifu.
  9. Teacher training is normally for one year.
  10. Teachers wear, if any,  a black belt with gold trim.