The Birth of Mulan Fa Chuan

Mulan Fa Chuan was created by the daughter of Chinese immigrants who fled to Burma in 1950 to escape Communist Forces. Her parents named her Ai Co. At a young age she was very interested in the Martial Arts and after much begging was allowed to study Gung Fu with her brothers. Ai Co was sent to Taiwan along with a brother to work in the business of family relatives. Here she continued her martial studies when not at work and found her way to a teacher who gave her the Taoist name of Yún shénmì or "Mysterious Cloud". Yun choose not to marry but to remain with her master for several years after which she began teaching her own system of self-defense to women first in Taiwan and later in Thailand where her family had relocated to. Mulan Fa Chuan is this system. Today besides Thailand and Taiwan, Mulan Fa Chuan is being taught in Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Spain, and the United States.