This short interview took place in December of 2017 between the Grand Master and Jia Sifu in Jakata


  •  MFCMAS:Thank you for meeting with me Shigong. I want to ask first, how did you come to study martial arts?
  • GM: I liked them when I was very young. My father taught my brothers Southern Style Gung Fu, especially Leopard Claw. I had to ask many times for them to teach me and finally my father relented.
  • MFCMAS:Gung Fu only?
    GM: No, we lived in Burma then. I studied Bando with my friends. In Taiwan I studied more Gong Fu and in Thailand Silat and Muay Thai but I didn't go to a gym, I met a man teaching Muay Boran. 
  • MFCMAS: And when did you start teaching?
    GM: Maybe 1988.
  • MFCMAS: and what made Shigong start teaching?
    GM: In my neighborhood girls were treated bad by boys so they needed to be able to defend themselves. I'll tell you a story, I saw four boys surrounding a girl once and bothering her. They were part of a local gang. I approached them and told them to stop it. This boy, their leader had bad manners and wasn't polite so I slapped him. He picked up a stick and tried to hit me with it so I took it away from him and twisted his arm. He needed to be taught a lesson so I twisted his arm so badly it almost broke. He was in terrible pain even after I let him go. I told him I would fix his arm if he brought his parents to see me. He did. His parents brought him to me with tears in their eyes. I put a splint on his arm with the same board he tried to hit me with. I showed him that this was karma and told him unless he changes his life, karma will revisit him in the form of a coffin within a year. He will be wrapped in it just like his arm is now. He completely changed his life and his gang broke up. I heard he has a family now and became a good man. I started teaching the girl he picked on and then she brought friends and sisters. 
  • MFCMAS:Do they still train?
    GM: Some. Many teach now.
  • MFCMAS: How many students did you train in Taiwan?
    GM: Many, maybe over 500. I teach some to become Sifus. Girls started to come from all over Asia. Chinese girls first but then more non-Chinese
  • MFCMAS: How did you invent your art?
    GM: I didn't. It invent itself! (Laugh) I showed girls what would works for them to protect themselves with. 
  • MFCMAS: But you have a system now.
    GM: Yes. It just became one on it's own. I can see how much some martial arts are alike. Some fighting skills can change into different skills easy. We deflect, deflect can stay deflect and help strike, or become grab and throw, or become Chin Na. Chin Na can become strike. You must be skilled to change at any time.
  • MFCMAS: How is this different? Other martial arts teach that too.
    GM: Good martial arts are always changing with different situation but one thing is the same, Women are not strong or big like men so we cannot fight like men. Size, power, speed, and aggressive feeling matter.  Women are always smaller so we teach how to hit with 3 or 5 times more power then before training. Women need to train hard to make chances to use powerful hitting. We teach them to fight different attacks too. Men attack men with a lot of violence. Women are terrorized and then get taken away (abducted). So women must know what to do in situations that men don't have happen to them.    
  • MFCMAS: Why did you decide to call this art Mulan Fa Chuan?
    GM: I didn't call it anything, just wushu but my students wanted a name so I started calling it Hua-Mulan Boxing because only girls were studying and they wanted to be strong like Hua Mulan. Chinese girls know the story. Fa Mulan was very brave so we look up to her. When we were young we thought it was true. Then, someone told me it was a fairy tale but now we know she was real. Western students put family name last unlike Chinese style. This is because there are many martial arts who use her name. Mulan Chuan, Mulan  Chuan Tai Chi, Fa Mulan and more. We need to be different out of respect for them but many students say Hua Mulan Chuan or even Mulan Chuan Fa.  It doesn't matter so long as they learn good skills. 
    MFCMAS: Why Fa instead of Hua?
  • GM: Why not? You don't like Cantonese? (laughing) In Mandarin Fa means "way of" or method. This works too but Chinese spells different for different meaning.
    MFCMAS:Do you still study martial arts?
  • GM: Of course.
  • MFCMAS Which?
    GM: Tai Chi Chuan, I want to study Wing Chun, and Kali someday. 
    MFCMAS; Would you make them part of MFC?
    GM: Perhaps. I admire those arts. I watched Wing Chun and worked with a wooden man but I didn't have time to study. If it fits in our system we will use it perhaps. We use what works for us. 
    MFCMAS: What do you have planned for MFC?
    GM: Nothing.(laugh) This art should grow on it's own like a tree. Someday I hope to send teachers to India and South America but I only plant the seeds. 
    MFCMAS: What will you do next?
    GM: Get something to eat. (laugh)
    MFCMAS: (laughing) no, I meant with your life.
    GM: teach, practice chi gong, martial arts, meditate. I need to do some work too. Making Fu, ceremonies. I get donations for those things and they are good for me to cultivate my chi with.
  • MFCMAS: How is the art different in the West then East?
  • GM: Women can be hurt anytime anywhere. Both West and East women feel like victims because they don't have power. Born feeling like victim, live like one. Die like one. In East  many poor girls want to defend selves because many will really be hurt and taken.  Danger is more likely to happen in poor places in the East then in West. Western women want safety but they want health too and peace of mind.
    MFCMAS:  Do you have any advice for students?
    GM: Practice. Follow always the Ethic and Tenets. You will be happy and become better persons.