The Bagua of Hua-Mulan

 "There is nothing new in Mulan Fa Chuan, all the techniques are in other Martial Arts already, but they interlock differently here. They are taught in a new way." Grandmaster Yun.

Any modern building made in the last 100 years is made of the same materials as all others. The components  of glass, steel and concrete have not changed. Only the structures themselves vary according to the design of the architects. This can be said of Martial Arts as well. What makes this Art unique is not the components but the structure. Each unit of training can stand alone as its own self-defence system

Wind:  Regardless of the emphasis of a Martial Art the practitioner must know how to strike effectively from both sides and any angle. This is the foundation of Mulan technique on which all higher levels will rest upon. This phase of training usually requires a full year of practice for dedicated students. Along with striking students learn the art of deflection. There is no blocking in Hua Mulan Chuan. As it has been said in the Classics, "a force of a few ounces can deflect a ton".  Immediately when a student enters training  she learns self-defense applications also.

Water: In this phase of training students refine their striking techniques and footwork for evasion and learn acupressure points for combat and health. The same techniques of deflection learned in the wind element become a gate to evade and expose your opponents weakest points. Students traditionally learn all 108 points which in combat are divided into lethal, paralyzing and pain producing points.  These same points are used in Chinese Medicine to heal and cure injuries and disease and these application are taught to students also. 

Mountain: Chin Na. The seizing and controlling of joints and extremities. The evasions already learned become the doorway to The Gung Fu art of Chin Na. Chin Na can cause extreme pain to whom it is applied  but can also control with the least amount of damage to the receiver and effort by the one applying. 

Earth:  San Shou Kuai Jiao (Fast Wrestling for Fighting) is the Chinese martial art of throws and takedowns. A San Shou Kuai Jiao throw can cause tremendous damage to your opponent while keeping you safely on your feet. For centuries, fighters in China have valued this art for its speed and power. Today, China's police and military forces are trained in its techniques. 

Thunder: Metal and Wood. Students learn how to defend themselves and use the two weapons of Mulan Fa Chuan which are knives and  blunt objects such as short sticks. A skilled practitioner  should not only be able to disarm their attacker(s) but use their own weapons against them. Knowledge learned before concerning striking points is modified for use with blunt objects and edged weapons.

Fire: Teacher in Training. Normally this requires about a year of supervised student teaching under a recognized Sifu.  The student must also study the basics of Chinese Medicine, Tui-Na, Qi Gong and the I-Ching .

Lake: Sifu.  A teacher of Mulan Fa Chuan must continue in Qi cultivation, meditation and ethics. It is the heart of the teacher that makes her a true Mulan Fa Chuan practitioner more her fighting skills.

Heaven: Grand Master.  A grand master can alter the outline of Mulan Fa either adding or subtracting to the art. The ability assures that Mulan Fa Chuan is a living art still growing and adapting with the times. Presently there is one Grandmaster of MFC and two "inner gate" students.