Mulan Stlye Discription

Additional Information

Mulan practitioners train to fight attackers who are of more considerable stature therefor this style is designed to overcome superior forces with inferior resources. It overcomes this discrepancy with speed, the sequential movement to increase power, use of vital strike points, Chin Na(controlling extremities and joints) and Shuai Jiao(fast throwing). The Mulan Fa practitioner uses close in techniques implementing elbows, knees, and low kicks to hurt the opponent and then moves to a more advantageous position Mulan Fa Chuan also teaches the use of short staves and knives which are it’s only weapons. There is no blocking in Mulan Fa Chuan, deflection to gain an advantageous position and sometimes simultaneous striking are employed.  It does not rely on firm rooted stances, and would only assume a static position while in an attack. Although this style is modern compared to other Chinese martial arts traditions (1988), it is traditionalin its Daoist philosophy, ethics, history, and training and is therefore considered a tradional style of Kung Fu.