Benefits of Mulan Fa Chuan


Learn to defend yourself.

Mulan Fa Chuan works for self-defense.  It's practical and effective.  

Develop Self-Confidence.

Mulan students become more confident not just when they are out walking but at all times. With your family, job, , all aspects of life.

Increase Self-Esteem

You can accomplish goals you didn't think possible.  

Improve Your Health.

Mulan Fa Chuan will help get you into shape.  Practice is safe and unlike  some martial arts does not cause injuries.

Be part of a growing movement.

Women need to be empowered but it has to start inside you before it can move beyond you.

Defend The Quality Of Your Life.

Life in his century is too busy, too stressful and too chaotic for most of us to thrive. Mulan students feel more peaceful and better able to grow a better life for themselves and their families.

Mulan Fa Chuan

A modern martial art taught in a traditional manner for the modern world.