Who was the real Hua-Mulan?

 Most traditional martial arts were created for men to combat men of equal stature. There have been martial arts created by women before but these as well became dominated by men. Mulan Fa Chuan is a modern art from South East Asia. It is named after the famous historical figure who took her fathers place in the Chinese Army, hid the fact that she was a woman and became an officer of high rank. When her time in service was completed she was offered a prestigious position and wealth but asked only for a horse to return home. Hua Mulan was a gifted martial artist, tactician and swordsman.

Mulan Fa Chuan (a.k.a. Hua-Mulan Chuan) is dedicated to her. Meaning "Mulan Fist", it embodies the tenants of Mulan's humility, strength and martial skill. It is a martial art based on practical application and adjusted for the needs of a smaller, and usually less strong practitioner. Women are not attacked in the same way that men are and MFC specializes in combating those attacks specifically. Mulan Fa Chuan also stresses ethics making it a great choice for younger women as well .